A Camino Real School

Driving Lessons: DMV LICENSE 3545

We offer “free” pick up for all driving lessons. The Instructor picks the student up at the address indicated by the student. Upon arrival the Instructor will the student to inform them of their arrival. The student must present to the Instructor the Instruction Permit issued by DMV. The Instructor will cover all phases of behind the wheel training required by DMV. We will not cover anything that is not required for the test. When the student is a beginner, the lesson will begin by teaching right and left turns in residential and business districts. As the student shows improvement we move onto lane changes, parking and reverse.

We offer evening and weekend classes as well as weekly. We have marked and unmarked vehicles, we you are embarrassed of driving around in a vehicle with driving school signs on it, don’t worry we have no signs on the vehicle unless you indicate you want them on. Our Instructors believe that the others around you do not need to know that you are learning how to drive.

We do require at least a three hour grace period prior to your scheduled driving lesson to cancel. Please keep in mind that the Instructor needs adequate timing to get from one lesson to another.

Failure to cancel in the time frame indicated will result in deduction of time from your remaining training hours:

  • If you cancel 3 hrs. prior to the lesson. No time will be deducted.
  • If you cancel 2 hrs. prior to the lesson. ½ half an hour will be deducted.
  • If you cancel 1 hr. prior to the lesson. 1 hour will be deducted.
  • If you cancel one the instructor has arrived at your home: 2 hrs. will be deducted.

*failure to have your instruction permit on hand will be considered canceling and you will lose 2 hrs. of training.

So try us out, we promise you will have fun and enjoy our lessons.

Office: (213) 382-4806 - TVS Lic. # 1307 3976 W. 6th Street Los Angeles, CA 90020